Thursday, 29 May 2014

End of the day . .

It's 5pm here in Mozambique, and it's beginning to get dark - we have to get used to the early darkness, but we have light at the other end of the day - from 4.30am the cock starts crowing, it's an early start for the bucket shower and the bright light.
The pace is slow here, everyone languidly goes about their business. Today was busier than usual I'm told, with all our visitors - as well as the film people, we had a group from Nampula from the Department for Women and Social Action, they came to see the SHINE project, and were really impressed to see all the design work created by Mikaela, and how it's been used to get the ball rolling.
The students have now gone into Mossuril to scout for another location to paint a giant butterfly. All the locals want one painted on their buildings - we will have to see how much paint we have, as on Saturday the butterfly will be painted on a Dhow sail.
It's been a great two days  - still not seen a Bushbaby  . . .

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