Friday, 30 May 2014

Friday May 30th - everyone wants a butterfly . .

Today we have gone to downtown Mossuril to paint a big butterfly on the wall of the internet cafe.
It's been used as an environmental graphic to draw attention to the film festival - everyone wants one now. Mossuril is a lively village - lots of school kids, going to THREE shifts of school at both the primary and secondary schools here - The Mozambique government has made a huge effort to re-establish quality education here since all schools were destroyed in the civil war. The internet cafe is the nicest I've ever seen - note the great type . . and the resident goat.
Work begins on butterfly number 2 - we will chart its progress today. All of our activity draws a huge crowd to watch, and participate.
I've done my first driving in Mozambique  - along the sandy track to Mossuril from Sunset, ferrying students with paint, water etc.
Sunday June 1st is International Childrens Day, so there will be an official opening of the new nursery school, sponsored by The Teran Foundation - watch this space for our mural later.

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