Saturday, 14 June 2014

Akunhas Paint Again

The past two days we've spent painting more murals, this time for the SHINE soap company and the SHINE nursery school (Escolinha SHINE). There's still more butterflies to paint too, one on the old cinema and one on the outside wall of Sunsetti. Sarah, Jacob and Ross took on the mural for the school whilst Elliot and I focused on the SHINE Soap mural.

Both days we painted under the mercy of a burning hot midday sun. Had we been painting in Scottish temperatures, we would have probably completed the murals today, but because we are in Africa, another day will be needed to finish both the murals. With sweat dripping off all our foreheads, we worked on whilst a small audience of locals watched. Every now and then we escaped inside the building for some precious shade and a drink of water. Lisa asked Waes to bring over cold drinks, which did miracles after many hours in the merciless sun.

After both painting shifts we had just enough time for a refreshing dip in the sea. The tide is now so high in the evenings that there is no beach to speak off, so we waded through the mangrove trees into the water, hanging our things on the branches. Tomorrow, however, we'll see quite a different beach. It's our day off and the plan is to get a lift on the back of a truck to Chocas Marr, where paradise beaches are said to be. We'll need to get used to sharing a beach with other travellers and tourists. It's quite a luxury having a whole beach (and when the beach is underwater, a whole sea) to ourselves. It's always interesting if the truck driver will actually turn up, but we hope for the best.

This morning we also had a chance to visit the local market. It was quite an experience. Fancy a pair of flip-flops, some vegetables or a new plastic plate? The market has got everything imaginable that comes in handy when you are out in the bush, except for maybe new paintbrushes (which we could really use by now). It's hard to get used to everyone staring at the only white Akunhas at the market. This is probably the closest we will get to knowing what it feels like to be famous.

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