Saturday, 21 June 2014

Head Banging to Coral Lodge

Departing the wedding and after we parted the sea of onlookers we made the bumpy journey onwards to Coral Lodge with Jacob and Waes shortly behind us on the motorbike, arriving at the Carrusca Beach) We had made good time and made it with 10 minutes to spare from our original rendezvous time, however like many things here in Mozambique the couple picking us up where late but we only discovered this once Lisa got a phone signal and picked up the text messages.
After waiting an additional hour we got picked up with us all plowing into a jeep, (as the road upto coral lodge was to awkward for our smaller jeep) with myself (Elliott) and Jacob volunteering to sit in the boot with Momade and Waes which was an interesting experience considering we shared to boot with leaking patrol canisters. But the journey for us was very much enjoyed bouncing around with an open boot laughing and joking at Waes’s expense falling all over the shop and banging his head.

After 20 minutes of heading banging and hanging on for dear life we arrived at a lite wooden walk way with no other lights in sight we followed the manager at which point all you could see was the stars above us which where so clear and vibrant in colour, twinkling in the night sky. And out of know where a sea of lights where visible, being the main complex of the lodge with a few short steps taking us from Mozambique out back, to 5 star luxury. 

We where very generously looked after by the husband and wife managers, with complimentary drinks and freshly toasted cashew nuts, and sweet potatoe chips before being offered a tour of the estate which we all jumped at the chance even though dark and we couldn’t see either the lagoon or beach was very surreal even though critiqued for its price but wandering around you felt you where somewhere very special, with rooms over looking both the lagoon and beach. It felt so wrong as comparing the luxury of the lodge to the people of Mossuril it seemed to be polarized worlds apart but live side by side so closely yet have no connect 

We departed the luxury of the Coral lodge and made our way back to the familiar surrounding of Sunset with me and Jacob electing even though there was room in the main part of the car, to sit in the boot again with Waes and Momade and have another bumpy but very entertaining journey back to the beach Carrusca to collect the car and go forward on our travels.      

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