Sunday, 1 June 2014

So much has happened since Friday . . .

We've had a very busy two days, a mixture of work and play - painting walls and swimming - cutting stencils and holding a party for International Childrens Day. This place is all about new sounds, new colours, and moments of mind blowing noise - followed by calm as darkness descends early, and we sit on the terrace surrounded by the comforting night sounds of crickets.
Work for LIFE - Local Initiatives in Film Enterprise continues, with more and more butterflies appearing on walls in Mossuril, this time on the local barber shop. We are fortunate to have the help of many local young people, who turn up faithfully when they are not at school to help us. They are all very talented painters.
No Dhow sail painted yet, unfortunately it was needed to sail to Ilha de Mozambique today - taking our host Lisa de Teran to the island for a birthday celebration - maybe tomorrow . .
Saturday is market day in Mossuril, we went to the Feira to buy Capulanas - traditional African fabric worn by the women here. It was a very full on shopping experience, people trucked in from the surrounding villages, all sorts to buy, all manner of life on the streets.
This morning Iain and I went to church, in one of the five oldest European buildings in the Southern Hemisphere - built by Vasco De Gama in 1498. It's perched above its own fort on the edge of the Indian Ocean.  The Padre delivered a traditional Catholic Mass - with the addition of Macuan drums and beautiful singing, finished off with lollipops for the children.
Next on the agenda was a feast and party for the local children in the new nursery school. The women from the SHINE soap co-op did the cooking - but the highlight for me was the dancing, even the five year olds were better than Beyonce.

I'm taking a break for parlour games now . .

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