Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Journey Back to Sunsetti

Mikaela says...

Our short stay at Ilha has come to an end and it's time to journey back to Mossuril. It feels like we're going home, even though we've only been at Sunsetti, Mossuril for two weeks. With hiking bags packed and the hotel bill paid we returned to Anchora D'Ouro one last time for breakfast. We also made another quick stop at the small food shop for important supplies (coffee, water and Cadbury's chocolate). On our way we stocked up on the local currency too, since there are no ATMs in Mossuril.

As we arrived at the beach where the boat was to depart we were told the boat was leaving at noon. This gave us just enough time to enter the grand hotel Villa Sands for a last cold drink. The hotel was such a contrast to all the other places we've been to that we were a little overwhelmed and felt like peasants entering a palace. The staff was however extremely friendly and from the terrace we could see the boats, thus making sure we would not miss the boat. The boat ended up leaving quarter to 1 instead, but we were finally on our way home. Just as on the boat journey to Ilha, the boat was packed with so many people that it seemed a miracle that it could still float. As we finally started sailing to Mossuril we were soon hit by big waves and strong winds. On the plus side this meant we would be at our destination sooner, but it was a bit frightening too and it got the adrenaline racing.

Just over an hour later we arrived at the familiar shores of Mossuril. It's good to be back amongst the friendly staff at Sunsetti. Our visit to the island has given us a broader perspective of what life is like in different areas here, and how different the people can be. Whilst the children in Mossuril have a friendly curiosity and are sometimes a little shy, most of the kids we encountered on Mozambique Island were confident, loud and persistent. In general people are better off on the Island. During our visit there we were asked if we wanted a small or a large beer. The strange thing was that both were the same price. Choosing to buy the small beer is a sign of wealth.

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