Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Maps and Mangroves

Mikaela says...

Since we went to bed at a record early 9.30 PM, I was ready to get a new day started at 7AM the next day. Only a few of the Sunsetti staff were up and starting their shifts in the courtyard. Once I opened the main doors to wish them a bom dia, Mora the dog was to first to greet me. She accompanied me on a little photo trip around the hotel.

An hour passed and the rest of our five travellers began to turn up one by one. We spent the morning showing Igor and Wilson how to draw maps. They've now drawn many versions of Mossuril that will help us to illustrate maps for the LIFE festival. The shyness that at first was present in both parties is gone and we are now best of friends with the staff too! I helped SanSao put up new Facebook pictures of him playing with Mora this morning and send some messages to his few Facebook friends. We went on to have a very interesting discussion about Mozambique, and SanSao, who is 25, was able to educate me quite a bit about his home country.

Before lunch Sarah, Ross, Elliott and I went on a walk around Mossuril. As always we met many curious adults and children, some of whom asked to have their photo taken. We bought a few supplies from Shoppe and then headed back so Sunsetti, taking a different route. Along the way I was trying to sketch the paths and main buildings to help us further with the maps.

After a nice lunch of fresh produce that Lisa had picked up from Manapo we headed down to the beach. Imagine our surprise when at 2PM the water had reached the mangroves and there was only a small strip of beach surrounded by water. We waited for a bit and then braved the shallow water that didn't come higher than our knees. It was definitely worth it, since now we had a small strip of beach all to ourselves. Two shy small local boys that curiously followed what we were up to later joined us.

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