Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Cinematic End

Sarah says…

As the final days of our adventure began, we wanted to get everything completed that we set out to do- and we have done just that and feel a huge sense of achievement amongst ourselves. The festival programmes have been finalised and so we began with the rest of the tasks.

Firstly, it was only right that Sunsetti had it’s own mural- the bright orange and yellow butterfly looks great on the lightly coloured walls of the hotel, and is hugely admired by all of the staff. A mini butterfly has also been painted on the back of the building, where a new main road is currently being formed. Great advertising for the festival at all angles! Today, I finished off this little mural and had 5 very young boys watch me. I think they were asking what I was doing, but they just giggled when I told them so probably not! Thank goodness I wasn’t there for long- I couldn’t tell their innocent faces to stop painting the wall with dirty paint water!

Two huge banners have also been painted to hang in the various venues- not as easy as painting onto walls but they will definitely be noticed from a distance. With this, we got to work a little more on some typography as that was almost the main focus. We had help from the local boys on one of the sheets- it was great how quickly they adapt to communicating with us when working on something creative- the language barrier just didn’t matter. However, we did notice that a can of green spray paint had gone walkabout- and so on our next venture into town, we noticed Igor had sprayed his name on EVERYTHING…including his house. Not quite what we intended! Despite this little mishap, I absolutely love their contributions to the work we create, as it gives it a form of character that’s really special.

I am writing this on our last day at Sunsetti, and so this morning was a ‘get up and go’ as we were finally getting to paint the long awaited cinema. We were all pretty excited to have this on our last day, because it has almost been building up for the whole trip, a big job! Jacob, Ross and Elliott went this morning to draw out the design- a series of multicoloured butterflies spanning half of the wall. Meanwhile, Mikaela and I worked towards the festival stands which I will come to shortly. After lunch, the five of us headed up the long sandy track for the last time, only hearing a couple of ‘Akunhas!’. It didn’t take us long to add the colour to the wall, and it was almost sad when we had finished that it was our last mural. But so happy with how it looked, we had to take a selfie…

Finally, the festival stands have been completed. The bamboo constructions were created a week ago, but it was only late last night and today that we got to weave through the capulanas to decorate them. I hope I get the chance to buy some capulanas on the way home, they are the most beautiful materials I’ve ever seen- so vibrant and detailed. This morning once these were finished off, Mikaela sewed the ends together and we both went on a hunt for sticks strong enough to hold the six contructions together. When we returned from painting the cinema, Lisa, Waes and Thomas had built everything together and made a roof, which looks fantastic! It amazes me how they made it in the time we were gone.
With our work complete, we have been able to reflect on everything else we have contributed to in our time here, and feel very proud of ourselves and each other. We have had the opportunity to make our mark on Mossuril along with helping Alex, Lisa and everyone else involved by using our skills as designers- and we would also like to thank everyone again for giving us this chance. I certainly would love to return one day- and make sure the butterflies are still intact!

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