Sunday, 1 June 2014

Elliot & Sarah say . . .

As the sun sets on our fourth day here in Mossuril, we have been reflecting on our time here so far. Even from the first moments after arrival in Nampula, there was a mutual feeling of a dreamy nature, all the months of planning had finally led to this moment. The welcoming audience on the balcony set the tone for how friendly the atmosphere everywhere is. Sitting on the veranda at the hotel this afternoon, with the sun slowly fading from sight, people watching has been taken to a whole new level, compared to people watching back home, with people being so friendly, they smile back to you when you acknowledge them. It genuinely feels like some kind of paradise here, the colours are so vibrant and energising. A personal highlight to us both is how amazingly bright the stars are at night time, you can see thousands of them (including a shooting star we saw on our walk back from town two nights ago).

We have to say that adjusting to the environment has been a little difficult at times- in respect to realising how far away we are from home for the very first time, and coming to grips with the way of life here, and how things are done. It’s quite a strange feeling when the day starts at 8am and finishes almost at 5pm when it gets dark. However, we do have to say that the meal times have been fantastic. As the days have gone on we have become so relaxed and I think we’ll always remember something Frankie said: “it’s the easiest, difficult place to live”.

We’ve started  work by doing some painting- a few murals of the L.I.F.E butterfly, and brightening up some walls in the nursery. It is heartwarming to think you are creating something for the children and hopefully put a smile on their faces. All they are used to is mud hut walls mostly. Already, a lot of the local children have been an audience for the painting and they seem to be fascinated by the things being created. It’s great to hear that the paintings now seem to be in demand; they must be making a huge impact. Upcoming work will be equally as exciting. We are going to be  working more to promote the festival- digitally and in 3D.

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