Thursday, 5 June 2014

Frankie, who has been here for nearly four months says . .

I was quoted earlier this week as having said that Mossuril is “The easiest difficult place to live.” which is quite true. Sometimes there isn’t enough water and you must forsake your daily shower, sometimes the power goes out in the evening leaving you in the darkness to scrabble around for torches and candles, sometimes Mora, the sunset dog, runs off with your football mid kick-about looking very pleased with herself.

These are all minor hardships that I have had to contend with in the three months I have spent here, but they are not the things I will remember my time in Mozambique for.

I have had the privilege of spending the last quarter of a year in a beautiful country where I have had so many wonderful experiences that I never thought I would have in my life.

I have owned a motorbike. A nice blue one, which has given me the freedom to explore Mossuril and its surroundings, such as the beautiful beaches at Chokas with their white sand and cheese toast serving restaurants - they are well worth a visit, and even make the 11-kilometre, handle bar clenching drive there seem worthwhile. 

I have organised a football tournament for under 14's - who previously were not allowed to play with the older kids.

I have eaten local delicacies, such as rice and beans, Matapa siri-siri, which is seaweed that grows at the base of the Mangrove, served with rice. I have also sampled goat, which was just like lamb and was served with rice. My favorite thing I have eaten in Mozambique though was a delicious curry made of lentils and chic-peas. It came with rice.

I have been able to swim in the Indian Ocean, on a deserted beach from which it is possible to watch the most stunning sunset.

Being here has also given me the chance to get to know my godmother Lisa. Before I left to come here I confided in my mother that I was nervous about what was to come to which she replied "Don't be ridiculous, Lisa will look after you." Never have truer words been spoken. I am constantly amazed by the energy that Lisa is able to channel into making sure that the work she and her foundation do here gets completed, she would put the most hardworking workaholics to shame, and she can build a damn fine wall when the mood takes her.

I will miss Mossuril when I return home tomorrow. I will miss the way that time seems to flow both quickly and slowly, so that each day seems to rush by, whilst the weeks themselves drift at a far more relaxed pace. I will miss the atmosphere in Mossuril, where you are separate from the rest of the world and its going on’s.

I have loved being here and I would love to return again one day to see what has become of my little blue motorbike and Mora the dog.

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