Saturday, 14 June 2014

Five Go, Only Four Return

I'm talking about cameras, of course!

Bobbing around like a buoy whilst the sun sets, skimming greens and yellows across the waves, I had thought that a photo of such a moment is a must for this trip. Capturing the sun as it glares into the African sky, from the view of the shores of our (rather exclusive) sand bar was one my to do list for sometime.

Yet, when the time came and I grabbed my camera, throwing it over my shoulder, leading the others down to our sacred sand bar, we were met with a surprise. The sand bar was no longer a bar, more of a submerged sand submarine. Undeterred, we waded in and onwards to it, putting our bags, clothes and camera in a nearby tree that poked out from the blue waters.

It was here that I decided that nothing could possibly say "an evening swimming in the Indian Ocean after a days work in Mozambique" than a selfie of my own face, just above the water. Rather predictably the camera dunked in, swallowing salty water as I struggled to find my right side.

So, this post is dedicated to the 5th camera of the group, the paint covered Canon contraption that died taking a rather dodgy selfie. There's face palming to be done over this, and also, one feels, an interesting way to go for a camera.

The rather fetching (if I may say so) last photo
of my camera. 

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  1. Oh god that's terrible - it went the same way as my iphone, also lost to the Indian Ocean after wreckless activities on my part, good job the Dunkirk spirit still exists in Mozambique . .